SFI Affiliate Program – An Objective Review


You may have heard a lot of things said about the SFI Affiliate Program from people some of whom may be current members and others, former members of the program. But before you make up your mind about whether to join or not to join, I suggest you read this honest and dispassionate review of it.

It is the popular opinion that you cannot make money EASILY with this program. I totally agree. But then, where can anyone find where it can be made easily?

It is a basic fact that to build or create a business from which you can make money whether online or offline, a lot of hard work must go into it coupled with patience, determination, persistence perseverance, etc. The SFI business is not an exception. Being an active member of this program, I say all the aforesaid as well as the following from the perspective of the well-informed.

Before I go into details of this program let me provide you with a brief overview and my rankings of it.


SFI Overview And Ranking

Name: SFIMG ( Strong Future International Marketing Group

SFI's corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.
SFI’s corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Website: www.sfimg.com

Founder: Gery Carson

Training: 5 of 10

Support: 7 of 10

Power Tools: 8 of 10

Success Stories: 7 of 10

Price: Free

mypassiveincomebusiness.com Rating: 7 of 10


About SFI

SFI, short for Strong Future International Marketing Group, one of the oldest affiliate marketing companies was founded in 1998. Presently it has over 90,000 products/services sold in more than 190 countries around the world.


Company Leadership

SFI president, CEO and founder is Gery Carson. Prior to 1998, he was a successful and top selling distributor of several direct sales companies and also publisher of a business magazine. He has been a pioneering force in the direct sales and Internet marketing industry for over two decades.

In 1998, he created SFI, a program that would utilize the Internet to enrich the lives of millions of people all over the world. SFI is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world.



SFI is free to join. All you need to do is fill out an online registration form and you are in. There is no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything.

ANYONE who has a computer and Internet access may tap into the e-commerce revolution via SFI.



Support for affiliates are available in several forms to help them in building a successful business. On the platform there is Forum which an affiliate can access to ask questions and get answers on any issue. There is also the Ask Gery, a section of Forum in which the president and founder of SFI Gery Carson answers key questions and provides valuable insights on how to build a successful SFI business.

Also available to support an affiliate are his upline team leaders who include his sponsor and co-sponsor. These are all people who are dedicated to helping the affiliate succeed in his business.

At the affiliate center is the ‘Tip’ tab. This gives business building tips on a daily bases to an affiliate.

Above all, once registered, affiliates are provided with professional websites for marketing SFI products/services on the Internet. Necessary sales support services such as customer service, payment processing and products shipments are provided all at no cost to the affiliate.


Power Tools

These exist in various forms to be used by affiliates to boost and accelerate the growth of their businesses. Examples of such tools include the S-Builder Co-op, PSA to go, Co-op manager, Affiliate manager, Bid and Build, etc.



Available at the platform are some major training aimed at providing affiliates with the knowledge that would enable them to build successful SFI businesses. They include the Lunch Pad lessons, Rules of success and the Internet Income Course. There are some minor ones as well like Tips for generating sales and sponsoring affiliates and Strategies for referring E commerce Associates (ECA). These lessons when taken affords an affiliate a great foundation upon which to build his business.



A discussion of the SFI program would not be complete without a mention of Tcredits.

TCredits are a form of digital currency used at TripleClicks. You can use them to pay for thousands of products/ services at TripleClicks. You can also use them to play games at Eager Zebra and bid at auctions at Pricebenders.


The Zing Network

Zing is an ” Umbrella Network ” under which all SFI properties reside. This Network includes the following properties;

• TripleClicks

This is SFI ‘s online shop which currently features over 90,000 products/ services from all over the world. Affiliates

can buy and sell these products/ services on the internet.

• Pricebenders

This is where affiliates and other members go to bid on and win hot name brand products for a fraction of the retail price usually more than 90% off.

• Eager Zebra

It is not all work and no play at SFI. At the end of a hard day’s work affiliates can go to this site and relax by playing games and competing with friends and other members for prizes and recognition on their leadership boards.

• Localvantia

By virtue of this program affiliates can register LOCAL businesses in their areas and earn Rewardicals and other rewards for registering them. Other affiliates can by this program enjoy exclusive benefits and savings for shopping at their favourite localvantias.

• Rewardical

This is a loyalty program for SFI affiliates.

It is the official reward token for localvantia as it empowers localvantias to attract millions of people. By enrolling in localvantia businesses can automatically award Rewardical reward tokens to their customers which they can redeem on a variety of items at Rewardical.com.

It is also used to reward affiliates for the activities of their PSAs and PRMS (Personally Referred Members) at the Zing Network

An interesting feature of this network is that the moment a person signs up for any of these programs they become members of the Zing Network and can use their usernames and passwords to login to any of the programs under the network.


The SFI Business Model

All that it takes for one to succeed in the SFI business are;

(1) Accumulating Versa Points.

Versa Points (VPs) are an important feature in one’s success here because they determine your rank in SFI and your rank determines how big your monthly share of the executive pool is. 1 VP = one share of the executive pool.

However, in order to be entitled to sharing in the executive profit pool you must accumulate 1500 VPs in a given month.

It is to be noted that contrary to popular opinion you do not necessarily need to purchase any products/ services in order to achieve this. You can earn thousands of VPs from sales generated by you at TripleClicks. There are so many other ways of accumulating them aside from sales.

(2) Generating TripleClicks Sales

You can earn commissions from sales of products/ services made by you. Each product or service at TripleClicks is attached with a Commission Volume details of which is available at the product or service Details Page. The more sales you generate, the more money you would earn by way of commission.

(3) Building a Team of Active AffiliatesSFI Business Model

Recruiting people into the business is easy due to the fact that it is free. Every person whom you recruit is known as your Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA). Whenever such affiliates buy any item at TripleClicks you get paid a percentage of the CV of such product as commission.

The more PSAs that you have, the more money you would make. Therefore, to be successful you must recruit affiliates and teach them to do what you are doing.


Commission Structure – Money Making Made Easy

Aside the 3 ways as I have stated above by which you can make money, there is also the Executive Pool.

At this Pool, 40% of the CV of every purchase is put here for all affiliates to share at the end of the month. There are 3 ways of earning at this Pool.

  1. As an affiliate you receive a share in the month’s pool for each VP you accumulate during the month. 1 VP = one share. The more VP you accumulate the more money you earn from the pool.
  2. Become a Team Leader and earn matching VPs on points earned by every EA in your , and up to 12 generations depending on your rank.
  3. Earn more with Milestone Shares. For every 10 personal VP you earn, you earn up to 18 bonus shares of the pool which would be paid to you upon advancing to the next Team Leader rank.


I have taken the trouble of enumerating all the various ways of making money at SFI to debunk the claim at some quarters that you cannot make money at SFI. You can, albeit with hard work and dedication which is not unexpected. As in every other business you need to do this and more to succeed. This business is therefore NOT for those who are not prepared to do this.

There are however some points which I want noted about this program. They are;

• There is no purchase requirement, EVER, at SFI.

• You can start earning income immediately upon signing up by generating sales and doing some simple free VP- generating actions.

• You qualify for every type of compensation with as little as 1500 VPs which can be generated from sales or actions or a combination of both.

My Opinion

Based on the foregoing my opinion is, so far as making money is concerned, a definite YES. You can make money but only if you are ready to work and be dedicated to it.

It is also my opinion that the training available is not simple enough for the newbie who wishes to start this business. It is okay if you are a professional.

The newbie needs a simple step by step training of how to do the internet business. At the time of my signing up for this program I had no knowledge of the internet business. And in spite of my taking all the training I still was not able to make any headway with it until I took a better and more appropriate training at another platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training program is one of the best that can be found in this industry. It is a great foundation course on how to get started with the online business. It is for people with zero knowledge of the Internet business but can be of immense benefit  to people who are already successful in it as well.

It takes you through a step by step process of building a successful online business. And most of all, you can take it at your own pace, therefore  the question of lack of time is not an issue.

==>Go here For a detailed information about the Wealthy Affiliate          training  program


My overall take on SFI is that it is a business from which you can make money.

==>Therefore to join this program get started here


However, I am of the firm view that to be successful at SFI you need to have the appropriate knowledge of how to do it.

==>To get the most advanced and comprehensive training in the            online business industry get started here.


It is my sincere hope that this review has been helpful to you and that your misconceptions of the program have been cleared. Should you have any comments, questions or require assistance on this issue please leave them below and I will be too happy to get back to you.

Best regards.









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